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Citrix Access Infrastructure

Business runs on information. Yet getting the right information securely, easily and instantly to everyone who needs it, when they need it, is difficult. And it’s becoming more difficult as more and more people are conducting business remotely—unpredictably moving from location to location, using multiple access devices, and connecting with a wide range of heterogeneous applications over wired, wireless and Web networks.

This fundamental need explains why a properly designed and implemented access strategy has become a core business philosophy that drives competitive advantage. Access infrastructure addresses one of the basic technical challenges businesses face today: the need to provide secure access to private information over both trusted and untrusted networks. It does this by connecting devices, networks and applications into a system that is secure by design, that consolidates applications into a central location for more efficient management and effective control, and that provides secure, easy and instant access to any information source, for any authorized user, from anywhere, using any connection.

As a result, Axcent Solutions and Citrix can transform any organization into an on-demand enterprise. This means that, for a single investment in access infrastructure, businesses get two key benefits: improved operational efficiency that reduces the cost of running the business, and accelerated agility that enables the business to capitalize on more opportunities for growing the business.

Users want access to be invisible.
They just want the technology to work—to get them to the information they need, when they need it, from wherever they are, using whatever devices and networks they want. Technologies, such as Citrix access infrastructure mobilizes people, information and business with this set of capabilities that are of primary benefit to the user:

  • SmartAccess
    Sense & respond to any access scenario for tailored secure access control.
  • SmoothRoaming
    Deliver continuous access across devices, networks & locations.
  • Instant Collaboration
    Share workspaces, applications & devices, anywhere-to-anywhere.
  • On-Demand Assistance
    Instantly access remote user support to increase business productivity and customer loyalty
IT Administrators want access to be visible. They’re responsible for keeping information—the fuel on which the business runs—flowing, so they need to be able to monitor, measure, manage, control and optimize the use of IT resources. Citrix access infrastructure optimizes the efficiency of IT with this set of capabilities that enable IT administrators to reduce costs and increase agility:

  • Robust and Resilient Foundation - Ensure scalability and
    continuous availability to support any business change
  • Secure by Design - Build infrastructure with security
    as a foundation, not an afterthought
  • Integrated Identity Management - Activate and manage the
    complete access lifecycle for improved workforce flexibility
  • End-to-End Visibility - Observe, monitor and measure access infrastructure resources for informed decision-making
Axcent Solutions is a leader in designing, implementing and supporting some of Southern California’s most critical Access Infrastructure deployments and our consistent record of successful implementations include technologies such as:

Citrix Secure Access

Citrix Access Suite

Citrix OnLine

Access Gateway

MetFrame Presentation Server


Secure Gateway

MetaFrame Secure Access Mgr.



MetaFrame Password Mgr.



MetaFrame Conference Mgr.


Your Next Step.
Many clients wonder where to begin. Through our consulting practice, we are able to conduct an Access Infrastructure Assessment (ASA). The purpose of an ASA is to help customers identify and define their access requirements, analyze the ability of the current environment to meet these requirements, and to then define a project plan that outlines how to meet these goals.

We invite you to contact us to learn how a successful Access Infrastructure Assessment can benefit your organization. Call us at 949.716.1800.