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Microsoft Infrastructure

Directory services are repositories for information about network-based entities, such as applications, files, printers, and people. Directory services are important because they provide a consistent way to name, describe, locate, access, manage, and secure information about these resources. Many vendors build specialized repositories or directory services into their applications to enable the specific functionality their customers require. As such, enterprise class directories take an important step towards the consolidation of corporate directories by offering standards—based interfaces allowing for interoperability and centralized directory management.

Active Directory, which is an essential component of the Windows 2000 architecture, presents organizations with a directory service designed for distributed computing environments. Active Directory allows organizations to centrally manage and share information on network resources and users while acting as the central authority for network security. In addition to providing comprehensive directory services to a Windows environment, Active Directory is designed to be a consolidation point for isolating, migrating, centrally managing, and reducing the number of directories that companies require.