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Practices Overview

At Axcent, we respect our methodologies and adhere to our best practices. These practices are dictated by common themes and everyday business drivers that challenge most companies in the area of IT. Our value is to help forward thinking companies keep up with technology that simplifies the complexity surrounding these drivers.

1. Accessibility

Business runs on information. Yet getting the right information securely, easily and instantly to everyone who needs it, when they need it, is difficult. And it’s becoming more difficult as more and more people are conducting business remotely—unpredictably moving from location to location, using multiple access devices, and connecting with a wide range of heterogeneous applications over wired, wireless and Web networks.

2. Access Management

Access Management and Identity solutions help your organization align its security management strategy with its business goals by automatically managing who has access to which resources and services; logging and reporting what they have done; and enforcing business, privacy and security policies. Today, the basic access management problem is propelled by most licensing agreements for networked information resources. Axcent Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer customers an integrated solution to meet their business challenges.

3. Risk Management

Through client relationships, Axcent Solutions understands the impact of the risk in the corporate world. Corporate executives clearly share this sentiment. Feedback shows that nearly three quarters of corporate executives declare that enhanced corporate security (and hence the minimization of corporate risk) was either “extremely important” or “very important” to their organization. More than half indicated of it being an increasing concern to their company over the past 12 months. From preparing for catastrophes to network viruses, the bottom line is to make an enterprise-wide commitment to Risk Management a top priority.

4. Simplicity

Keeping it easy is the key to our success, from our process to our execution we adhere to simple and effective methodologies. Easy to understand, easy to administer and easy to deliver to the end user has always been part of what we do. Our goal is to take complicated technology solutions and simplify them for our customers.

5. Compliance

Compliance is an exercise in risk management. You can run a business without controls, but even when you ignore the legal aspects, you are still “out of control”. If you don’t have a good understanding of where the business stands, you run a higher risk of experiencing an “unfortunate event”. Corporations should treat Compliance as a means to improve their business, not as a hurdle. Also, Compliance should be recognized as a world wide effort, not just a US driven event.

6. Cost Management

Axcent Solutions cost management services work with customers to identify ways to reduce IT infrastructure costs while maintaining the performance required to meet the needs of the business and end-user. Many of our projects focus on objectives such as server/storage consolidation, total cost of ownership (TCO), sourcing, maintenance, and broad-based IT infrastructure cost-reduction. No matter what the objective, by applying our proven methodologies, we quickly identify ways to lower costs and help our customers develop IT spending and investment plans that meet or exceed their financial business objectives.

7. Availability

Every day, IT is faced with the challenge of delivering high levels of data and application availability across a wide array of operating systems, applications, hardware components and data center locations. Even in the most diverse IT environment, organizations can be assured that our team along with our partners will provide solutions for the ultimate in data and application availability.

Based on these business drivers, Axcent Solutions has incorporated a comprehensive collection of best practices that address each of these areas of concern for mid to large sized organizations today.